Saturday, August 30, 2014

Liar Liar

Ever since He developed Bi-Polar disorder He has become quite adept at two things He used to be lousy at; acting and lying.

In fact I've noticed lately that at the slightest discomfort of being asked a straight question; the first thing out of His mouth will be a lie.

He said he didn't have enough quality time with Lilli; then after he picked her up from school, He said he wanted to cancel her one and only sleep-over that week.

I told him she was very excited about it and besides I'd made plans.

He told me he had to go to the shop and he rushed out.

When he returned he said; "I have to tell you something.."
He told me about this girl, a French student, who was a friend of his dear old friend of 20 years; What's-His-Name. This girl was traveling to Australia and her accommodation fell through last minute so he'd told his friend What's-His-Name, she could stay with him at his flat.
I said that was a bit odd.
He became defensive. "She's young enough to be my daughter" he said, (what she's six?) "there's nothing going on, it's just a favour to "dear old friend of 20 years; What's-His-Name".

I said; "I didn't mean that, it's just that in your culture a young female student just doesn't stay alone in a one bedroom flat with a man in his forties whom she's never met. "
"It's fine" he said.
"What do her parent's think about it?" I asked: "We wouldn't allow Lilli to do something like that."
"I've been friends with What's-His-Name, for 20 years." Like that made it fine.
I reminded him, "This isn't even kosher in our culture, but in yours it's way worse! - you once told me off  for replying to an email from a male friend of ours (about dogs) without you being c.c'd! You told me that was improper!"
He started to argue and I said; "Look I have the guest room made up, let her stay here; that would be more appropriate for a young girl on her own."
He then said the exact same stuff he said when I offered to drive him to the airport that time he announced a sudden business trip (which turned out to be fake): "Oh no, you have your life to deal with, you're way to busy with Lilli, I wouldn't put you out like that, you've got better stuff to do..(blah blah blah)

jà vu
I said, "well then why don't you put her on the futon in the living room and share your bed with Lilli like we often do in hotels? That might make it more comfortable for her and Lilli wouldn't mind."

He then confessed that he'd already called (while he went to the shop) and said he couldn't put her up on the Friday night.  So suddenly, poor miss 'student friend of dear old friend of 20 years', who had nowhere to stay at all suddenly found somewhere else for Friday night during one quick phone call..


Well I did some checking, during his defensive little rant he mentioned her name. Turns out she's a very new friend of his on Face Book; she's lives in Brisbane and she is not a dear old friend of any of his friends at all.

Do I care?
Not one bit.  
It just proves a point to me; he is completely and entirely untrustworthy.
And I need to keep that in mind, going forward, always.

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