Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Edge of Reason

Lilly and I have some odd hobbies. 
Like our love of finding and rating the funniest and silliest movie fight scenes.

Top of our list is Puffy Versus Ted from Something About Mary; The Black Knight versus King Arthur in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. And from the same movie the Frenchies Castle scene where the French soldiers bombard King Arthur and his noble knights with Livestock. 

This week I showed Lilly back to back Daniel Cleaver versus Mark Darcy punch-ups from the Bridget Jones’s Diary films. 

And just for fun, I also showed her the hilarious skiing scene that followed on from  Bridget telling her boyfriend Mark Darcy “a tiny lie about being an extremely experienced skier”.   
And the scene where she gets all dressed up to go 'make up' with him and gets splashed by two taxi’s and soaked through.

Lilly asked me  a lot of questions, as she does, about the fighting boys and Bridget trying so hard to impress Mark Darcy.

It's partly an age thing, but in the past year she's taken quite an interest in the dynamics of romantic relationships. .

After I gave her the abridged and age appropriate answers she said:‘I want you to go on dates, mummy’

Picking my jaw up off the shagpile rug, I say; ‘pardon?’

‘I want YOU to go on dates!’

‘What? Why do you want me to go on dates?’

‘I think it would be really funny!’

Still trying to re-set my jaw: ‘Sorry darling I don’t want to go on dates – I don’t like them. I just want to hang out with my friends.’

Lilly shrugs and giggles at the TV.

And here I was worrying that, with all the time Happy Daddy was spending at ours, she was waiting for Him to move back in. 

God, I hope she doesn’t talk about me dating in front of Him – because that will go down like a cup of cold sick.

You may not have read my thoughts on dating but if you'd like to theyre here..

Oh and just for the record, whenever we watch clips of PG rated films with swearing in them, we both cover our ears and chant; ‘La la la la la la la la’. Because we know that ‘swearing isn’t nice or clever but some people can’t seem to help it.’

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