Sunday, April 24, 2016

Old Wounds

"I hate a liar more than a thief.
A thief is only after my salary, A liar is after my reality."  [50 cent]  

If I have to continue putting my past under a microscope and taking field notes on multitude of similarities between then and now then surely I get to indulge myself and call him out on this years batch of fabrication.

Dear Claude,

You made a unilateral decision to change the arrangements for banking rental income on our investment apartment and your refusal to back down and stick to the arrangements you made originally, is putting our entire investment at risk.

I am not asking for anything outrageous or unreasonable just that you stick to the arrangements you agreed to and were already in place.
I find it oddly disturbing the way you signed a rental management agreement in only your name, without telling me, when I was the one who prepared it for rental.  After confirming the joint bank account details with all parties, and the first rental income deposit, you apparently later paid a visit to Raine and Horne‘s accountant to change the bank details to your private bank account, without notifying anyone else.

You assertions I was in agreement to these changes are nonsense. Failure to respond to text messages cannot be construed as agreement to their content. I have always been clear and consistent with these arrangements and my thoughts on them.

Following an exchange via text on the 13th of this month, I pointed out that I had not agreed on you taking over the management as I still had repairs to carry out and I was best placed to do this cost efficiently.  I told you I saw no need to change accounts for either of us to manage the property and your response was “That’s fine will keep it as is. Forget it.”

To which I responded not unreasonably; “I'm not trying to be difficult just making sure all the debts with my name attached have some visibility & someone else to pay if you're not around for some reason. You missed two strata fee payments which is why strata wouldn't fix the kitchen plumbing - not a reproach at all but an indication that we both need to be on top of this stuff until they're in individual names.”  I have copies of this entire exchange if you’d like to see it.

Your levels of outrage and your willingness to be nothing less than financially destructive rather than back down and stick to the agreement you made with myself and the agents, makes me wonder what else is at play here. 
Why is it so important to you to conceal income and outgoings on our investment property? Is it about winning? Control? Or something else?
If you think I’m being overly suspicious, I suggest you read the attachment, I have good cause.
I would strongly recommend you read it whatever you decide. 
**          **          **          **          **          **         **         **         **         **         **         **
I attached a timeline of his simultaneous lies and infidelities with both me and her,  one particular excerpt from his emails to his Girlfriend trashing me, and the e response to his email on using my full name:  

As for the other part of your email, I will continue to address you by your full name, as it is is your official first name. As for, the woman I have deeply loved for many years   
  [Really? check out all of the above then try to say that with a straight face]

And who I had Lily with, that woman would have never denied me access to our daughter, would not have written the emails that you wrote and would have not taken the actions that you took over the past week.

 [Hypocritical much? Again ref. above]

 If you were to return to being [that woman], I will address you again [in the usual way]. So for now and until then, it will be your [formal full name].
 [I will never again be that forgiving or gullible I’m afraid].

and my final comment: 


In recent weeks with your return to the erratic and aggressive behaviors of 2014, your total loss of remorse and insight, I have to wonder if you really had any real feelings for me.

In light of your also cheating on Angela while at the same time swamping her with the most desperate, romantic and heartfelt emails; I wonder if you experience any genuine feelings or emotions for anyone at all or if it’s just an act; learned and practiced behaviors that get you what you want.

But I’m calling you out on it.

Me, the one person who stood by you, forgave and supported you knowing all these dirty little secrets. That kind of forgiveness and unconditional love comes only once in a lifetime and you threw it back in my faceSo you don’t get to have it again.

I kept these dirty nasty secrets of your underhandedness your innate and calculated dishonesty, disgraceful behaviour and infidelities from your family and friends, denying myself support I badly needed.   

And what did you do? You used that to your advantage in blackening my name. You really and truly are your father’s son.

So if you haven’t already guessed where this is going, I have one word for you; ENOUGH.

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