Thursday, May 19, 2016


BiPolar is such a hoot!
Dealing with a BiPolar Ex who is Manic can be ever so entertaining!

If you don't have a life to get on with.   If you're not a single parent working full time on extracting yourself from the marriage, and you've just picked up your sick child from school on your way back from the lawyers office..
Eight emails in three hours? What a Busy BiPolar Daddy he is.  
And then the back flip.

I've kinda missed those lately; suddenly, like a wind change, the 'critical' evaporates as a new distraction comes along.

That situation has often been a source of relief, to be perfectly honest.

But seriously, his behaviour at times is bizarre to the point of comic:


I need to get these tax files urgently so I will come to the house a bit earlier this afternoon c. 4.20pm to do that. I will be by myself...
[he'd said he was going to "bring a witness to the scene"???]... and I will not engage in any discussion with you while I am there.

 I will then take Lily to the guitar lesson. I will bring her back as usual at c. 7pm after dinner.

For this weekend, I would like to have Lily Saturday night. You had her on Saturday night the past two weekends.

   Can you confirm you are fine with the above.
I've just picked up Lily from school - the nurse called me just after 12:00 saying Lily's unwell again. So she won't be well enough to go to guitar tonight. As to Saturday, we'll have to see how she's feeling considering this is her third sick day this week & she was also unwell the previous week.

   You're welcome to come get your files and see Lily this afternoon 
Are you taking her to the Doctor? Spoke to the nurse at the school, she recommended we do. If you can't, I can.

For this weekend, and if she is sick, I have looked after Lily before when she was sick as you know.

I will come to the house at 4pm this afternoon to take the files. 
Lets not forget that he gave her H1N1Swine flu (that almost killed him and made her very ill) making her share his drink bottle when he was sick as a dog, because he couldn't be arsed getting hers out and filling it up.

A little more context:
Monday a week ago the school nurse had called and asked me to come get Lily complaining of pains in her stomach and around her kidneys/liver. I took her to the doctor and Lily said, after producing a urine sample, that it hurt when she peed.
The night before she said the same and said she was also itching ‘down there’. This is on the back of Lily becoming very distressed and almost wetting herself coming home from her friends birthday party.
Claude was in a rush to fit playing happy families with his new GF in the hour between Dance and Lily's friend's Harry Potter party.

To save time, he’d thrown Lily's costume (shirt, tie, trousers, and cape) over her leotard which had been put on top of her underpants she wore to Karate. 

Poor Lily couldn’t get her shirt and tie undone to pull down her trousers and leotard so should could pull down her pants to pee. 
She was too embarrassed to ask the mum for help in front of all her friends.

So she hung on.

All day and into the evening - around seven hours.

He never did give much thought to her toileting, even when he was well.

Anyway, the doctor sent us to The Children’s Hospital emergency where Nana, Lily and I sat for three hours without being seen. Then her huger pains overtook all else and we left.

 I'd sent Claude a text 2:11pm to say she was in The Children’s Hospital Emergency – he didn’t respond until 5:14 with a casual,

'let me know how she goes particularly if she has to go to emergency.'

 Brain Fart!?  Where had we been for three hours sat across from the Triage Nurses' station?!

 No offer of shall I come? Do you need help? Oh my Gosh is it serious? Nada.

 In another few days she was off school again and I dutifully let him know.

'Noted, Let me know if it gets worse.'

Incidentally: This is not the comical part.

So back to today's bizarre behaviour:

I have two boxes to give you as well: your Moroccan glasses tea cups pots etc. I also found some passport wallets with member cards &photos, business books, new iPhone headset, Moroccan cook books etc for you to collect. Everything is wrapped & in small archive boxes

Also wondering if you want this hot pot (picture attached)
Yes I do


More importantly, once again, and as recommended by the school nurse, are you taking Lily to the doctor?

Not at this stage: she's improved since I've given her paracetamol & Antihistamine. Her temp is just on the high side or normal. I'll see how she looks 4hrs after the medicine

If she's improved to the point of not needing to go to the doctor, why can't she go to her guitar lesson? Not a particularly physically straining exercise. She had a breakthrough last week and her teacher was keen for her to consolidate on it this week. Can you ask her if she feels well enough to go?

Can you calm down? Feel free to ask her when you get here: I can get her dressed again if she's feeling that much better. But with a slight temperature & a wheezy cough I would be more concerned about her being out in the cold evening air.  
I am very calm and only focused on my daughter's wellbeing.

I'm thinking: like when you brought her home freezing last Saturday night, after playing happy families again in the park with her only dressed in her dance singlet and fishnet tights under a light cotton jacket. It was 15 degrees.


You can leave what I need to collect outside the house. Upon further reflexion, [sic] I will not go inside the house while you are there and will make alternative arrangements.


Can I bring down your tax files that are in the black IKEA filing box I bought u for your old apartment?


 You're welcome
 what about seeing Lily? Seeing if u can get her to guitar lesson?
No response to that. But as he turned up with the new GF's dog in his car, I gathered he'd nixed his own guitar lesson.

Obviously he got a better offer form the lady with the little black dog.

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