Saturday, December 10, 2016

Who Am I?

Who am I: Annie
Staff Christmas parties.
Who'd have thought back in April that by the end of this year I'd be cutting up the dance floor with the big boss?
And hanging with a bunch of male colleagues; for the most part eye-candy, all smart and single. 
Boys on the prowl and several of them asking me 'whats your story?' wondering why I'm 'talent-spotting' for them and not participating.
I have no idea. 
Not really. 
I guess I said it before, life's easier; emotions and life in general, more manageable with it's just me the kid and the dog.
I get all the love and affection I need and if I want something else I guess I can buy something online - and I have plenty of batteries!
I did say to someone, at some point in the festivities, that single parenting with a full time job didn't give a gal a lot of bandwidth for downloading anything else.  
He didn't get it.
Not sure I do entirely. 
But as contentment reigns in my life right now - I don't know; I guess I'm just not in a big hurry to introduce more variables.
The 'don't fix what aint broke', principal? 

One guy seemed a bit unsettled that I was, as he called it; pimping for him. 
I wonder sometimes if he sort of likes me a bit.  But as good as my instincts are, I cant seem to tune that wavelength on my antenna effectively anymore. 
Or maybe it's a case of not wanting to pick up the signals if I'm honest.

There's another guy who's definitely very smart, undeniably eye-candy with his height, build, caramel skin and amber eyes and an adorable gap between his two front teeth. 
I think we even had a bit of a moment, until I pulled away. 
But (she shrugs) as I said after the sudden exit of that whoa-to-go-then-whoa-again Chiropractor; Baby steps...

Speaking of the good Doctor, well I wouldn't know if he was goo would I?  Because despite him feeling up my back and shoulders and saying I had a problem, not ONE flipping adjustment, despite many lewd cheeky comments about it.

It's a bit like that heart surgeon years back. 
So cute, the idea of dating a total hunk who fixes broken hearts for a living, quite literally. 
Cute right up to the point where he breaks yours.

Anyway it's all academic at the moment and clearly I'm deeply embedded in my head at the moment; getting used to the new me, my re-booted life.

Not to forget my re-booted friendship with Lily's dad. 
He comes to the house every morning, to take her to school so that I can leave for work earlier than school drop off times will allow. 
With her upcoming birthday party, Christmas and her big dance show case last week, we're on the phone or messaging  almost as much as when we were married.

Last week after Lily's performance, I even did some bonding with his partner and it seems we have a lot in common, aside from Him. 
I invited to her to come along with him on Christmas morning for coffee and croissants and watching Lily open her presents.  
I'd asked him a couple of weeks ago and he thought she'd feel too uncomfortable - an outsider to a 14 year tradition, especially with my mom there.
But she said she'd love to, so maybe he's projecting his own discomfort.
I'll plan on giving him some heavily laced eggnog to settle his nerves; he'll be fine.

As I said to his GF, we're a blended family now, and there'll likely be some weirdness here and there, but it's great for Lily that we all model that as a good thing.
And it is isn't it?  
So much better than the alternative path we were heading down.


  1. Absolutely, so much better option. I am very, very glad that it has worked out this way for both you and Lily. If Lily comes away with "sometimes breakups happen but everyone being adult makes it not such a big deal" you deserve a medal on this one Mumma. Many people would have reacted a whole lot less given the circumstances, that said I am glad the "monkey found his branch" before giving you no choice but to take decisive action cause I know it was a very close run thing.

    Best Wishes

  2. **many people would have reacted a whole lot more and listened a whole lot less given the circumstances,

    1. Hi Belinda,
      Thank you for your lovely comments and continuing support - it means so much to me.
      I've been thinking about you a lot over Christmas and New Year especially. Hoping really, that this year will bring you happier new beginnings. You're such a good person you deserve truly good things from life.
      Until my next post
      take care lovely